The Retire Wellthy Concept

It’s a made-up word, but with a pretty obvious double-entendre – when we reach our later years, we will only be able to make the most of it by being both healthy and financially stable. As my hubby and I approach 40, we are taking that idea much more seriously than ever before – and based on so many conversations we have had with peers, we know we are not alone in that regard. 

One of my beliefs is that we do not have to be cogs in the wheel of life as defined by society. The Standard American Diet has done our population no good, and we don’t have to suffer through fifty years working at jobs we hate in order to retire with enough money in the bank to merely survive. 

This is not our grandparents’ or even our parents’ workforce any longer, and companies can no longer provide for employees the way they once did in the form of pensions, health care coverage, and other benefits like maternity and paternity leave. It doesn’t make them bad or evil – it’s simply the world we live in today. Side hustles are what carry many of us today.

There are absolutely some timeless principles that apply no matter – things like hard work paying off, saving more than we spend, and making room for self-care in what can feel like chaos sometimes. But now, more than ever, it is important to realize that we must take matters into our own hands when it comes to our mental, physical, and financial wellness.

It is becoming more and more difficult with each passing year to know what information we can trust, whether organizations meant to look out for the public really do so, and how stable our future can really be if we continue winging it.

Just because the FDA says an ingredient is safe does not mean we should feel good about eating or using a product.

Just because the first thing your doctor does is prescribe a drug does not mean it is the thing that will repair the root of the problem.

Just because our society says the standard work week is 40 hours not including commuting and breaks and overtime does not mean you can’t find a way to make the income you need in a way that fits your lifestyle and dreams. 

Just because it’s called work doesn’t mean it has to feel like it. 

Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it has to be burdensome.

Imagine the impact we could have on ourselves and the world we live in if we were to live with our eyes wide open to not only what is real but what is possible – and then act on it.

The Retire Wellthy concept is meant to take the overwhelm out of achieving the wellness that will define the quality of your future while also empowering you to take charge now to turn this train around, one step at a time, and help you live a meaningful life.

There is no shame in whatever route you choose to get you to your destination – my hope for you is that it is not one that fills you with regret later because you didn’t go after the dreams that once held you.

Cheers to a wellthy year ahead!

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